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Transcript of the comments made by Quluaq Pilikapsi

Translation of comments made by Quluaq Pilikapsi on November 1, 2002, at the Project Naming event at Library and Archives Canada

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"Thank you . . . [for inviting us] to come here. I'm going to mix a little English and Inuktitut together . . . [Quluaq Pilikapsi] said thank you for our Sivuniksavut, our future must be . . . [on] our minds. It must be our focus. Sivuniksavut means future. It is . . . our future . . . all of our futures together. It is our focus. Sivuniksavut is a play on words. Sivuniksavut, our future, must always be on our minds. We have so much work ahead to do while the Elders are still alive. It is something that was really . . . [brought] home to Quluaq while we were looking at the old [photographic] collections. There are still people alive who have a lot of this information and they won't always be there. So in fact, there are things in storage [in buildings like Library and Archives Canada], but they are also in storage with people who are still alive [in the memories of the Elders]. This is something that has become very . . . [important to] Quluaq because . . . our future, our Sivuniksavut [is connected to our past]."

Quluaq Pilikapsi's comments were translated into English by Janet McGrath,
November 2002

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