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Elder Nilaulaaq Aglukkaq's letter in Inuktitut

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Translation of Elder Nilaulaaq Aglukkaq's taped letter in Inuktitut
to Ian E. Wilson following the Project Naming event
in Ottawa, November 1, 2002

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"Yesterday, I felt very deeply for what Ian Wilson was saying and I wanted to express my gratitude for his good will. Yet I found I could not express anything appropriate to how I feel. If I could speak English, I would speak to him directly . . . if only I had the words. I had been looking for my father's picture for so long, and then I found that the name on the photo caption was not my father's. His real name was not correctly cited. When [Mr. Wilson] spoke of how sorry he was that Inuit have not had their names on these records, and how he felt ashamed that this was the case, I would like to say to him, no, you should not bear this guilt. It was something of the past, your forebears. You did not create this problem. I wanted to let him know as I felt my tears well up inside. He had helped me so much . . . the way I found my father's picture . . . felt gratitude that he expressed so eloquently the feelings that were below the surface . . . see how you are helping so many now. I also thought that if you are here for a long time, and could work side by side with Inuit, there are so many photographs here, and so many taped materials. Inuit need access to these things, and it is something I feel very strongly about . . . Thank you so much . . . You have brought me closer to these precious relics."

Elder Aglukkaq's letter was translated into English by Janet McGrath,
November 2002

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