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Spring 2008
Assisted the staff of the Qikiqtani Truth Commission by researching and digitizing photographs from LAC's collection to be used on their website (as of December 2008, their website is not yet available)

May 2008
Participated on a panel presentation at the Northern Studies Conference held at the University College of the North in Thompson, Manitoba. The presentation was video conferenced from Carleton University in Ottawa. The other panel members included Andrew Rodger, LAC Photo Archivist; Caroline Forcier-Holloway, LAC Film Archivist; and Professor Carol Payne of the School of the Studies of Art and Culture, Carleton University.

September 2008
Organized a day-long event that was part of Inuit Heritage Trust's two-week Training Program. In addition to a behind-the-scenes tour of the Gatineau Preservation Centre where the archival photographic and film collections are stored, the day featured presentations and workshops by a number of LAC staff.

November 2008
Research and outreach trip to Rankin Inlet (Kangiqliniq) and Iqaluit. While in Rankin Inlet (Kangiqliniq), participated in a photo identification gathering with ten Elders at the Kivalliq Teaching and Learning Centre, as well as a larger community-wide event at the Siniktarvik Hotel with between 80 and 90 individuals of all ages. The Iqaluit Project Naming presentations were held at the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum, Inukshuk High School and Nunavut Arctic College. These public gatherings were a great success, resulting in more than 230 individuals being identified in approximately 125 photographs. Selma Eccles and Nellie Kusugak (Nunavut Arctic College) of Rankin Inlet (Kangiqliniq) and Leigh Clark (Nunavut Arctic College) and Ericka Chemko (Inuit Heritage Trust) of Iqaluit organized much of the tour in their respective communities.

December 2008
Organized a two-day research visit for Thoretta Iyerak and Sylvia Qulitalik from the Government of Nunavut's Department of Culture Language Elders and Youth (CLEY). The purpose of their visit was to begin research for CLEY's upcoming genealogy project entitled "Archival Pictures Interviews". LAC will continue to assist CLEY staff with their research and digitization of photographic material in the winter of 2009.