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By Beth Greenhorn, Project Manager, Project Naming

Since 2003, I and a large team of dedicated staff at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) have worked at creating, updating and promoting this website that turned out to be so much more than we ever anticipated. Over the years, we have worked closely with Inuit Elders and youth, academics, researchers, teachers and members from the general public who have an interest in the North. This has been a reciprocal project. Through digitization, Nunavummiut have been given access to photographs of their family members and loved ones. In return, they have been able to give the people depicted in these images back their identity by naming them. The archival community and Canadians living outside of Nunavut benefit from the identifications and knowledge shared by the Elders and younger generations of Inuit. Below, you will find the highlights of Project Naming since it began in 2001.