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War Diaries of the First World War
Keyword list for Diaries
Online Help

The following breakdown is meant to help the researcher understand the many different military units which made up the Canadian Expeditionary Force and which created the War Diaries. The following bolded words can be used as search keyword to access the War Diaries database. As well, the list contains actual military units names, which can also be used in the Unit Name search.

The bolded words are, in some cases, keyword headings rather than the names of actual military units. Please note that various divisions or brigades may exist under each keyword heading. For example, Canadian Mounted Rifles includes 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles and 3rd Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles. Typing in Canadian Mounted Rifles will bring up all related files.

Canadian Corps
 ·  Labour Commandment Canadian Corps
 ·  Canadian Corps Water Patrols
 ·  Canadian Corps Supply Column
 ·  Canadian Corps Troop Column
 ·  Canadian Corps Mechanical Transport Column
 ·  Canadian Ammunition Park
 ·  Chemical Advisor, Canadian Corps
 ·  Canadian Army Gymnastic Staff
 ·  Canadian Corps Infantry School
 ·  Camp Commandant, Canadian Corps
 ·  Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp
 ·  Canadian Corps Infantry School
 ·  Canadian Army Pay Corps
 ·  Field Cashier

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Royal Canadian Regiment

1st Canadian Division
2nd Canadian Division
3rd Canadian Division
4th Canadian Division
5th Canadian Division


General Staff- Canadian Troops

Canadian Infantry Battalion
1st-15th Canadian Infantry Brigade

Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry

Young Soldiers' Battalion Canadian Reserve
 ·  Canadian Reserve Infantry Brigade
Reserve Battalion

 ·  Canadian Cavalry
 ·  Canadian Light Horse
 ·  Alberta Dragoons
 ·  Lord Strathcona's Horse
 ·  Royal Canadian Dragoons
 ·  Fort Garry Horse
 ·  2nd King Edward's Horse

 ·  1st-4th Divisional Cyclist Company
 ·  Canadian Corps Cyclist Battalion
 ·  Canadian Reserve Cyclist Company

Canadian Mounted Rifles

 ·  Royal Artillery
 ·  Canadian Divisional Artillery
 ·  Canadian Field Artillery
 ·  Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
 ·  Canadian Reserve Artillery
 ·  Canadian Garrison Artillery
 ·  Canadian Artillery Regimental Depot
 ·  Heavy Artillery

Canadian Siege Battery

Canadian Heavy Battery

Divisional Ammunition Column
 ·  1st-5th Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column

 ·  Canadian Divisional Trench Mortar Group
 ·  Canadian Light Mortar Battery

Canadian Anti-Aircraft Battery

Canadian Divisional Mechanical Transport Company

Machine Gun
 ·  Machine Gun Officers
 ·  Canadian Machine Gun Company
 ·  Canadian Machine Gun Battalion
 ·  Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade
 ·  Borden Motor Machine Gun Battery
 ·  Eaton Motor Machine Gun Battery
 ·  Yukon Motor Machine Gun Battery
 ·  Machine Gun Squadron
 ·  Canadian Machine Gun Corps Depot

Canadian Tank Battalion

Chief Engineer

Royal Engineers

Canadian Engineers
 ·  Canadian Anti-Aircraft Search Light Company
 ·  Tunnelling Company
 ·  Army Troop Company
 ·  Tramway Company
 ·  Pontoon Bridging and Transport Unit
 ·  Canadian School of Military Engineering
 ·  Canadian Corps Wireless Section
 ·  Canadian Corps Survey Section

Pioneer Battalion

Canadian Labour

Entrenching Battalion

 ·  Canadian Signal Company
 ·  Canadian Cavalry Brigade Signal Troop

Engineer and Barrack Service

Canadian Railway
 ·  Overseas Railway Construction Corps
 ·  58th Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company
 ·  Canadian Light Railway Operating Company
 ·  Progress Charts, Canadian Railway Troops
 ·  Canadian Bridging Company

Canadian Wagon Erecting Company

Canadian Employment Company
 ·  Canadian Area Employment Company
 ·  Canadian Divisional Employment Company

Canadian Forestry Corps

Canadian Divisional Train

 ·  Canadian Divisional Supply Column
 ·  Cavalry Divisional Supply Column
 ·  Railhead Supply Detachment
 ·  Depot Unit of Supply

Canadian Army Auxiliary Horse Transport

Canadian Field Bakery

Canadian Field Butchery

Canadian Corps Salvage Company

Canadian Army Service Corps

 ·  Deputy Director Medical Service
 ·  Assistant Director of Medical Services
 ·  Canadian Army Medical Corps
 ·  Medical Officer

Canadian Field Ambulance

Canadian Casualty Clearing Station

Canadian Hospital
 ·  Canadian Stationary Hospital
 ·  Canadian General Hospital
 ·  Canadian Field Hospital
 ·  Canadian Special Hospital
 ·  Canadian Convalescent Hospital
 ·  Canadian Red Cross Hospital
 ·  Granville Canadian Special Hospital
 ·  Westcliffe Eye and Ear Hospital

Canadian Sanitary Section

Medical Stores

 ·  Cavalry Brigade Motor Ambulance Workshop
 ·  1st Divisional Ambulance Workshop
 ·  Canadian Field Ambulance

Canadian Laboratory
 ·  Canadian Dental Laboratory

 ·  Director of Dental Services
 ·  Senior Dental Officer
 ·  Canadian Army Dental Corps
 ·  Canadian Dental Laboratory

 ·  Veterinary Services
 ·  Veterinary Section
 ·  Canadian Veterinary Hospital
 ·  Canadian Corps Veterinary Evacuation Station

Regiment Depot
Central, Central Ontario, Western Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia.

Canadian General Depot

Regiment Depot Group

Canadian Remount Depot

Canadian Record Office
 ·  Viseeing office

Ordnance Service

Canadian Ordnance Workshop Unit

Canadian Embarkation Camp

Canadian Concentration Camp

Canadian General Base Depot

Canadian Infantry Base Depot

 ·  Canadian School of Gunnery
 ·  Canadian School of Musketry
 ·  School of Physical Training and Bayonet
 ·  Canadian Signaling School
 ·  Canadian Trench Warfare School
 ·  Canadian Training School

Canadian Report Center

Canadian Military Police

Canadian Chaplain Services

Canadian War Graves

Estates and Legal Branch

Department of the General Auditor

Progress Charts

Report, Canadian Corps Operation, Vimy

MD (Military District)

Lahore Divisional Artillery
Lahore Divisional Ammunition
West Lancs Divisional Artillery
West Lancs Brigade
Royal Artillery
Reserve Divisional Ammunition Column
Reserve Divisional Trench Mortar Group
Trench Howitzer Battery
Royal Engineers
Royal Army Service Corps
Royal Army Medical Corps
1st Army
2nd Army
4th Army
Reserve and Fifth Army
Cavalry Corps
1st Corps
2nd Corps
3rd Corps
4th Corps
5th Corps
Lahore Division
3rd Division
4th Division
5th Division
11th Division
20th Division
24th Division
28th Division
27th Division
50th Division
55th Division
80th Infantry Brigade
9th Infantry Brigade
Royal Welsh Fusiliers
XVII Corps
XIV Corps
1st Cavalry Division
3rd Cavalry Division
Artillery Festubert
Infantry Givenchy
Second Army
St. Eloi (Note: search word: St Eloi no period after St)
Guards Division
Royal Flying Corps
Sketches and Locations
Index to Edmonds Files
Colonel Duguid