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4.45 m of textual records and photographs.
34 notebooks.
5 audio cassettes.
10 videocassettes.

Langue du document additionnelle : Français

Portée et contenu

Fonds consists of notes, drafts, manuscripts, proofs and manuscripts of translations for works of fiction and non-fiction: Heroine, Main Brides, My Paris, Spare Parts, Spaces Like Stairs; correspondence with publishers, venues for readings, other Canadian and international writers, friends and family; grant applications; transcripts of interviews and recordings of readings, interviews and speeches; work with other writers concerning women's writing and relationship to postmodern theory, including work for La théorie, un dimance as well as essays written for other fora; diaries and datebooks; articles Scott for The Gazette and freelance work, work with Spirale and background material and drafts for a (unpublished) book titled In October's Eye; teaching material; samples of friends' writing, printed material on topics of interest, reviews, agendas, c.v.'s, drawings, photographs, promotional material and posters; correspondence, and creative text for the on-line magazine Narrativity.

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2003-04 LMS

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Textual records; graphic material; sound recordings; moving images Finding aid available. Finding aid is in draft form and will only be released on demand. (Papier)

Biographie / Histoire administrative

Novelist, story writer, essayist and translator, Gail Scott's writing plays across the boundary of English Canadian and French Canadian culture as well as exploring the boundaries of narrative form and theory. She is the author of the novels "Heroine", "My Paris", "Main Brides", the short-story collection "Spare Parts" and essay collection "Spaces Like Stairs". "Main Brides" was selected as one of the 10 best novels of the century by the Montréal Gazette, both "Heroine" and "Main Brides" were shortlisted for the QSPELL award for best novel and "My Paris" was named one of the ten best novels of 1999 by Quill & Quire. Scott graduated from Ottawa Teachers College and taught for Toronto Public School Board in the early 1960's. Later, she began her writing career as a journalist working for a number of Canada's leading English newspapers (particularly covering Quebec for English Canada). She is a founding member of the Quebec cultural magazine Spirale and worked on Last Post. Scott is also a Governor General's Award nominee for her translation of Michael Delisle's "Le Désarroi du matelot". Her work as an experimental feminist writer led her to work with a group of theorists who published «La théorie, un dimanche» (of which Nicole Brossard and Louky Bersianik were also prominent contributors) and to work on the editorial collective of Tessera (in which Daphne Marlatt, Barbara Godard and Nicole Brossard were also involved). She is a contributing editor of the Narrative Website Magazine put out through the Poetry Centre at San Francisco State University. Scott was involved with the NFB film fragments of a conversation on language. She is also author of "In October's Eye", an as of yet unpublished work on Quebec culture and the "Quiet Revolution". Scott was writer-in-residence at the University of Alberta at Edmonton (1994-1995).

Information additionnelle

Note sur les limites à la consultation
Restricted by creator/donor: Closed by creator/donor: Diaries and correspondence with Erin Mouré are closed 25 years beyond the death of the author.

Note sur la langue
Some material in French.


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1. 2003-04 LMS
2. 2007-00072-5
3. LMS-0253