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Atlantic regional registry files [textual record]. 



Place of creation


ca. 7.20 m of textual records

Scope and content

This is a preliminary record, please consult the linked accessions. Series consists of central registry files created and/or maintained by the Atlantic Regional Office of the Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce. The records consist of correspondence, reports, memoranda, clippings, published material, telexes and conference proceedings related to the promotion and stimulation of trade and industry in the Atlantic Provinces. Administrative files deal with liaison with the provincial government and private associations which sponsor seminars or workshops on trade with overseas nations as well as staffing matters, personnel policy and annual reports to headquarters in Ottawa. Operational files include records on trade fairs in Halifax and overseas, program files, and commodity files on efforts to promote pre-fabricated housing materials made in New Brunswick, to attract aircraft manufacturers bidding for the fighter aircraft project in Nova Scotia and to find new markets for fishing boats and fishing gear manufacturers.

Textual records
32: Restricted by law
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Former archival reference no.

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Copyright belongs to the Crown.

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Source of title
Title is based on the contents of the series.

Further accruals are expected.


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