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Historical photographs of individuals and groups, events and activities from across Canada collection [graphic material] 

Collection consists of


[ca. 1851-1950]

Place of creation


ca. 2,376 photographs; b&w collodion, albumen, silver positive, and other formats; various dimensions.

Scope and content

Collection consists of photographs depicting miscellaneous events and activities throughout Canada, 1860-1939. The following events and activities are documented: visit to Canada of the Prince of Wales, 1860; construction of the Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, 1861-1872; aboriginal persons repairing a canoe, Rupert House, ca. 1865-1868; military review, Champ de Mars, Montreal, ca. 1866; visit of Prince Arthur to the Chapel of the Mohawks, 1869; Canadian military activity during the North West Rebellion, 1885; Donald Smith driving the last spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway, 1885; funeral of Sir John A. Macdonald, 1891; fire in the West Block of the Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, 1897; Canadian military activity during the South African War, ca. 1900; visit to Canada of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York, 1901; visit to Ottawa of Prince Arthur of Connaught, 1906; Wilfrid Laurier speaking during the federal election campaign, 1908; Quebec tercentenary, 1908; memorial service for Edward VII, Ottawa, 1910; Festival of Empire, Crystal Palace, London, 1911; visit of Sir Robert Borden to England, 1911; Europian departure of the 22nd Battalion, 1915; construction of the Quebec Bridge, 1916; Wilfrid Laurier addressing the House of Commons, Victoria Museum, Ottawa, ca. 1916; Halifax Explosion, 1917; Victory Loan Drive, Ottawa, 1918; visit to Canada of George VI and Queen Elizabeth, 1939. Photos taken by unknown photographers and the following: John H. Avery & Co.; Platt D. Babbitt; British & Colonial Press, Toronto; J. Fraser Bryce, Toronto; Oliver B. Buell; H. Dunsford; Daniel A. McLaughlin; Samuel McLaughlin, Ottawa; National Film Board; William Notman, Montreal; Record Press, London; Bernard Rogan Ross; and Elihu Spencer, Ottawa. Photographs documenting the Alexander Mackenzie memorial cairn, Bella Coola, British Columbia and various locales including: Sandpoint, Fort Pelly and Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan; Dawson City and Fort Selkirk, Yukon; Old Bow Fort, Alberta; Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario; Upper Fort Garry, Manitoba; Victoria, British Columbia. Photos taken by unknown photographers and the following: Canadian Government Motion Picture Bureau; Humphrey L. Hime; Samuel McLaughlin, Ottawa; H. Pollard; Royal Canadian Air Force; Royal Engineers; Stiff, Ottawa; William J. Topley, Ottawa. Photographs depicting commercial business establishments in Ottawa, 1875. The following business establishments are documented: E. Ackroyd, Esmonde Bros. and C. Mann; Albion Hotel; A.H. Baldwin; British North America Bank; W.E. Brown; Charles Bryson; Campbell & Almas; A. Christie & Co.; Clarendon House; C.O. Dacier; N. Faulkner; Alexander Fleck; N.E. Germain; Gibson, Coward & Caldwell; H. Grandall; James Hope & Co.; T. Hunton, Son, and Larmonth; Kilt & Brophy; A.W. Lang; W.L. Langford; Thomas Lawrence; D. McDonnell; McLaren & Chalmers; The Merchants Bank of Canada; George Mortimer; Northrup & Co.; Notman Studio [William J. Topley]; Orme & Son; Ottawa Boot & Shoe Factory; Ottawa Business College and Telegraph Institute; Ottawa Ladies' College; Quebec Bank; Russell House; W.F. Russell; Seybold & Moynes; Smith & Stewart; W.M. Somerville; Union House; and Windsor House. Photographs taken by William J. Topley. Also included in collection are portraits of the following individuals: Earl of Athlone; Richard B. Bennett; Joseph E. Bernier; Big Bear; Frederick Borden; Robert L. Borden; John Carling; Georges E. Cartier; Thomas Chapais; J.S. Dennis; the Duke of Devonshire; John Diefenbaker; the Earl of Dufferin; William S. Fielding; Sandford Fleming; George E. Foster; Elliott T. Galt; John Hamilton Gray; Lord Grey; Joseph Howe; John M. Johnson; Hector L. Langevin; Wilfrid Laurier; Zoe Laurier; Stephen Leacock; Ambroise Lepine; Abraham Lincoln; the Marquis of Lorne; Angus McAskill; Archibald B. McCallum; Nellie McClung; John A. Macdonald; Isabel Ecclestone MacKay; Honoré Mercier; the Earl of Minto; Peter Mitchell; Lucy M. Montgomery; Emily Murphy; Lester Pearson; William H. Pope; Louis Riel; Louis St. Laurent; J. Ambrose Shea; Lord Stanley, Lord Strathcona; John S.D. Thompson. Photos taken by unknown photographers and by the following: Ashley & Crippen, Toronto; W. & D. Downey, London; Duffin & Co., Winnipeg; Dupras & Colas, Montreal; Albert Ferland; Gaby, Montreal; Harkness Studio, Hamilton; Alexander Hesler; Allan Jeakins, Simla; Lafayette; J.E. Livernois, Quebec; A.G. Pittaway, Ottawa; F.S. Richardson, Napanee; Shedd Studio, Glace Bay; H. Shorey & Co., Montreal; Speaight Ltd., London; and William J. Topley, Ottawa. Collection includes photographs of the following groups: Defence Commissioners, 1862; Fathers of Confederation, 1864; Governors General of Canada, 1867-1959; Conservative leaders of Canada, 1867-1966; Commissioners who negotiated the Treaty of Washington, 1871; Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories, Regina, 1891; Liberal Members of Parliament, 1893; International Commission, Quebec City, 1889; Colonial Conference, 1902; Ottawa Harriers Club, 1903; Royal Canadian Regiment, Halifax, 1906; Non-Commissioned Officers of the Canadian Coronation Contingent, 1911; Prime Minister and Cabinet, 1913; Canadian Authors' Association, 1921; Prime Minister and Cabinet with Quebec Members of Parliament, 1922; Imperial Economic Conference, Ottawa, 1932. Photographs taken by unknown photographers and by the following: Matthew Brady; Jackson, Regina; S.J. Jarvis, Ottawa; M.A. Montminy & Co.; William Notman, Montreal; Photographic Stores, Ottawa; A.G. Pittaway, Ottawa; Pittaway & Jarvis, Ottawa; H.E. Poole, Toronto. A second part of this collection consists of another compilation of previously unaccessioned photographs amassed in 1966. This part of the collection includes miscellaneous photographs, probably acquired from a wide variety of sources, including a large number of portraits of Prime Ministers, Governors-General, government officials, ecclesiastics, Indian chiefs, engineers, business leaders and members of the royal family; a wide range of geographical locations across the country; shipping scenes; engineering and construction projects; war memorials; the Canadian Pavilion in London, 1911; and other subjects listed in more detail in further description notes. Portraits of Princess Louise and Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany; John A. Macdonald; Lord Monck; Princess Patricia of Connaught; Alice Grey; William Smith; Katharine Hall; King George V; W.A. Clarke; Earl of Athlone; H.R.H. Prince of Wales; Princess Alexandra; Indian Chief Red Dog Star Blanket and His Grace Archbishop Mathieu Lebret Pajeaut; William Lyon Mackenzie King. Views of Quebec, Bic, Grand Métis, Québec; Hopewell Rocks, N.B.; Empress of India; Royal Shanty, Rockcliffe Park, Ont.; the Gaspareau Valley, N.B.; Fort Frances and Gananoque, Ont.; Grand Falls, N.B.; Government House, Toronto, Ont.; War Memorial, Ottawa, Ont.; King's Wharf.. Laying corner stones at the Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, 1916; Centre Block, Parliament Buildings, 1886-1887. Arrival of Duke of Connaught, Ottawa, 1911; Cable steamer Minia stuck in the ice off Flat Point, B.C.; Group of civil engineers who were engaged in the remeasurement of part of the Canadian Pacific Railway construction, 1886-1887. There are also aerial photographs taken on the main aerial reconnaissance flight from Hazelton via Fort St. James to Finlay Parks, Sifton Pass, Pelly River and Dawson, returning to Whitehorse via Yukon River and thence to Atlin, 1939 (album). Canada from the air, 1939 (album). Photos of Crowsnest Pass, North Kootenay Pass and Akamina Pass, Kicking Horse Pass, Vermilion Pass, Simpson Pass, Pincher Creek, Kingdom Pass, North Fork Pass and Elk Pass, 1913-1915. Alberta, Manitoba, and British Columbia Boundary Commission, 1914. Canadian Pavilion, Festival of the Empire, Crystal Palace, London, 1911. "Report on Northern Part of Route" -- British Columbia - Alaska Highway Reconnaissance, Liard River to Sifton Pass, 1939. Additionally, there are photos of the Murray Bay Railway construction; exhibition in Franciscan Convent, Quebec, 1900; group photos of Ministers of Public Works since Confederation; members of the Colonial Conference, Ottawa, 1894; 6th Regiment "The Duke of Connaught's Own Rifles", Vancouver, and officers of the Vicotira rifles of Canada, 1915; and H. Company, 43rd D.C.O.R., Ottawa, 1906. There are also photos of th steamship Okanagan at the new wharf, Penticton, B.C., 1912. Panorama of Smiths Cove and Clementsport, N.S., 1930. Portrait of Archbishop Langevin, ca. 1890. Group photo of Department of Agriculture Administration officials, 1948. Experimental station, Kentville, N.S., c 1920. Panorama of Powell River Co. Ltd., c 1920. Jubilee Committee, Knox Church, 1844-1894. Royal Canadian Regiment, "A" Company, Halifax, N.S., 1921. Royal Canadian Regiment, "B" Company, Halifax, N.S., 1911. Officers, 1st Regiment Canadian Garrison Artillery, Halifax, N.S., 1914. Graduating class, Arts, McGill University, 1923. Graduating class, Applied Science, McGill University, 1912. Bridges, wharves, breakwaters, piers, 1894-1898, in: MANITOBA: Belly River. ONTARIO: Burlington Bridge, Goderich; Maria Street Bridge, Ottawa; Port Albert. NOVA SCOTIA: Bear Cove, Barrington Passage, Beaver River, Brooklyn, Chipman's Brook, Canada Creek, Chegoggin, Church Point, Cape Blomidon, Digby, Grand Etang, Green Cove, Kelley's Cove, Lawlers Island, Morden Breakwater, Parsboro Harbour, Picket Pier, Pubnico Head, Port Greville, Sommerville Breakwater, Salmon River, West Pubnico, Western Head, Yarmouth. NEW BRUNSWICK: Cape Tormentine, Cross Lake, Dalhousie, Grand Falls, Gardners Creek, Hansons Rocks, Jones' Bar, Negro Point Breakwater, Oronoko, Partridge Island, Pointe du Chêne, Quaco Harbour, Rapid de Femme Rock, river St. John, Shippegan, Shawinigan Falls, Tynemouth Creek, Wilson's Beach. QUEBEC: Chicoutimi, Calumet Falls, Des Joachims, Laprairie, Little Métis, Trois-Rivières, Portage du Fort, Pond Creek, Roberval, Ste.-Anne de la Pérade, Tadoussac. PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND: Port Selkirk. General assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, London, Ont., 1895. First Plenary Council of Quebec, 1909. Synod of the Canada Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, June 1869. The Honourable C.S. Hyman, Minister of Public Works; Eugene D. Lafleur, Chief Engineer, and staff of District Engineers, Feb. 6, 1906. The first General Assembly of the Canada Presbyterian Church held in Knox Church, Toronto, 1870. The Prime Ministers of Canada, 1867-1913. Nova Scotia Liberal Members, Dominion Parliament, 1904. H.R.H. Duke of Connaught, Major-General Rutherford, Staff Officers and Officers 40th Overseas Battalion, C.E.F. Prince Edward Islander on board Scotian, 1914; 12th Battalion, Fredericton, N.B., on board Scotian, 1914; Company Four, Nelson, B.C., on board Scotian, 1914. Royal Canadian Garrison Artillery Band, Quebec, 1919. Panorama of Revelstoke, B.C., 1908. Unidentified couple, c 1880. Wapta Falls (hand-painted) c1922. Lord and Taylor Building, Broadway and Twentieth Streets, New York, photo by Rockwood & Co., c 1880. Chignecto Ship Railway construction, 1922. C.P.R. bridge across Kaministiqua River, Kam River, McKellar River along the Great Lakes, Port William, Ont.; Mission River Showing dredges and dock, elevators, 1920s. Panoramic views of Montreal taken from Mount Royal, c 1890. Quebec Harbour Commissions's Lifting Barge, Quebec, August 1877. View of the Canadian Exhibition in London, ca 1851. Photos of the dedication ceremonies at Vimy, July 1936. Photographs by: W. Notman; Notman & Sandham; S. McLaughlin; W.J. Topley; Gordon; Wm. Bruckhof, N.B.; Fraser, Toronto; Pittaway, Ottawa; Graham Photo, Wolfville, N.S.; R. Maynard, Victoria, B.C.; Capital Studio, Regina, Sask.; Leonard Frank Photos, Vancouver, B.C.; Lewis Rice, N.S.; The United Photo Store, Montreal; Reids, Ottawa; Royal Canadian Air Force; A.O. Wheeler; R.W. Cautley; John Woodruff; Canadian Airways; W. Charron; S.J. Jarvis; Geo. T. Weeds; Montminy; R. Milne; Ewing; H.H. Wilson; Alex. Castonguay; J. MacLaughlan; Rembrandt Studio, Winnipeg; Lancefield's Studio, Ottawa; G.H. Farrar, Quebec; Trueman Photo; Story Photo; Fryer Photo; Creech Photo, Port William, Ont.

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Terms of use

Photographs: No restrictions on use. Copyright expired on all photographs taken before January 1, 1949, which is almost the entirety of this collection. Various copyrights on items taken after January 1, 1949, although there are few if any such photos in this collection. Credit: name of photographer / Library and Archives Canada / copy negative number.

Photographs: See "Photographic inventories, indexes, and caption lists arranged by accession number". FA-500 (Paper)

Photographs: Item level descriptions available on-line in MINISIS. (Electronic)

Additional information

Old locations associated with the former accession number 1966-107 include the following: Boxes 4908, 4910-4911; 4912; S.C. 665; O. S. 27; P.F. 42 and P.F. 105; Box A-74; Box 55010; and glass containers on PAN-NL 1B/DAP 11-A; and on PA-NL 2M/DAP 20-A-SH-3-1

Physical description note
Graphic (photo): 25c, 21d, 21c, 21f, 20b.

Custodial history
Material acquired from various sources prior to 1966, and accessioned between November 1964 and 31 December 1965. Provenance for much of the material is unknown, although it would be possible to trace the source of many of the photographs, particularly series of photographs on individual subjects or themes, through research into the Archives' own archival records (former RG 37, C and D series).

Source of title
Title supplied from contents of material.

Availability of other formats note
Many individual items have been digitized from this collection, of which the following is a very limited list: C-003693 C-003985 C-020396 C-024435 C-004484 (DAPDCAP).

Subject heading

1. History Canada
2. Histoire Canada


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1. 1964-144 NPC
2. 1966-107 NPC