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Functional central registry system [textual record]. 

Series consists of


[1947-1987, predominant 1974-1982]

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m of textual records

Added language of material: French

Scope and content

This is a preliminary record, please consult the linked accessions. Series consists of records from the registry system created in 1980. In keeping with the system established in 1961, a block number was assigned to a specific branch or programme. In many cases, correspondence from previous registries was brought forward into this system. Common files are found in blocks 100-1999: Administration 100-499; Buildings and properties 500-699; Equipment and supplies 700-849; Finance 850-999; Personnel 100-1399; Grants, contributions and loans 1500-1599; Official languages 1600-1624; Office of Departmental Review 1640-1649; Program evaluation 1650-1667; Procurement and purchases 1700-1849; and Corporate Resource Management 1850-1999. Operational records were filed in blocks 2000-8600: Economic Policy and Analysis 2000-2399; Energy Group 2175-2249; Surface Transportation Branch 2400-2524; Electrical and Electronics 2650-2999; Chemicals 3000-3099; Agriculture, Fish and Food Products 3100-3499; Construction and Consulting Services 3500-3549; Distribution Services 3550-3599; Candu Marketing Secretariat 3600-3649; Machinery 3700-3999; Resource Industries 4000-4249; Textile and Consumer Products 4250-4499; Transportation Services 4500-4549; Grains Marketing Office 4550-4574; Transportation Industries 4600-4999; Design Canada 5000-5074; Aerospace and Marine Branch 5075-5199; Corporate Systems 5200-5245; Programs Branch 5300-5549 ( Defence Industry Productivity (DIP) 5325-5349, Policy and Special Services 5350-5364, Enterprise Development Program (EDP) 5365-5394, Industry Energy Research and Development (IERD) 5400-5424, Interfirm Comparison 5425-5469, PEMD 5475-5499, Small Business Loans Act 5505-5529, Special Program Office (IRDIA, Credit Reinsurance and Business Councils Programs) 5535-5549, Financial Policy and Liaison 5550-5649, Small Business Secretariat 5650- 5724, Technology 5725-5849, Corporate Analysis 5850-5899); Bureau's 6000-6199; General Relations (Office of) 6200-6299; Duty Remission (OSIP) 6300-6349; Special Import Policy (Office of) 6350-6399; TCS and Canadian Regional Offices 6400-6699; Business Centre 6700-6749; International Marketing Policy Group 6750-6799; Defence Programs Branch 6850-6999; Licensing Opportunities Section 7200-7214; United States Bureau 7300-7349; Office of Regional Affairs 7350-7399; Tourism 7500-8549.

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1. 1994-95/494 GAD
2. 90-003 OFRC
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