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Emma Albani, soprano and voice teacher (1847-1930)

Engraving of Emma Albani, circa 1883

In 1883, Emma Albani travelled to Montréal and performed at Queen's Hall. This engraving was drawn during her visit

For over forty years, Canadian singer Emma Albani enjoyed enormous success on the live stage, making history as the first Canadian opera singer to achieve international status. Opera enthusiasts in countries such as France, Italy, England, Mexico and Australia were enchanted by her singing and came in droves to see her performances. Among her admirers were such prominent figures as composer Charles Gounod, violinist Joseph Joachim, and even Queen Victoria. Although she lived in Canada for only a few years as a youth, Albani always regarded her birthplace with fondness. In her memoirs, Albani wrote "I have married an Englishman, and have made my home in England, but I still remain at heart a French-Canadian".1

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